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7th-14th February

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Get Involved in Marriage Week

Whether you are a couple, a local community group, a church or faith group, a company or even a multi-national corporation, Marriage Week offers you an opportunity make a positive contribution to celebrating marriage in the UK.

The only limit to what’s possible is your imagination! Here’s 25 ideas to get you started! Let us know your ideas and plans and we’ll add them to the list.


  • “Make a Date!” – organise a special night out together – just like when you were courting!
  • Romance each other for a week – take time out to do the things you did when courting that made that time magical!
  • Write love notes to each other and leave them around your home for each other to discover
  • Re-affirm your wedding vows – ask your local church or registrar what opportunities they can offer – or just do it in a private ceremony yourselves with family and friends
  • Invite some other married couples round for a romantic dinner and then watch a movie together to celebrate the good times
  • Invite round some singles or those separated in their relationships, just for a happy evening with you – let your love for each other do the talking
  • Make a “love-making pact” with each other, committing you to making love with each other every night for the week – and watch the impact on the rest of the year!
  • Buy a book (or DVD) on strengthening your marriage and read (or watch) it together this week.
  • Get the house to yourselves, and then cook a meal together … naked – then tenderly feed each other. Fun – but messy!
  • Write each other a love letter telling your spouse just how special they are and what you appreciate about them. Lower the lights, and read your letters to each other.

Church and community groups

  • Create a “Ten Most Affordable (or most romantic, or most creative) Marriage Dates” list or contest for your community. Get these to the media – radio, TV, newspapers, community newsletters. Ask your local radio stations to promote a contest – keep the focus on Marriage – not just any old date, but ideas for the best Marriage Dates.
  • Run a romantic dinner for married couples, with candle-light and champagne, and a talk on a marriage related subject
  • Offer a service or celebration of Re-affirmation of wedding vows, complete with wedding breakfast to follow
  • Run a marriage course – it could be an hour, a day, several evenings or whatever suits your community. There are lots of published resources available
  • Use the week to publicise all the work you do supporting couples and families in both the good times and the tough
  • Offer free “Marriage Check-ups” using some of the established relationship inventories, or even just a simple quiz you devise yourselves.
  • Hold a competition to find the longest married couple in your community with prizes from the local businesses and shops
  • Write a letter to the editor or offer to write an article about why your community should celebrate Marriage Week. Include marriage, divorce, out-of-wedlock and information about local marriage strengthening initiatives available to improve things
  • Run a film night for couples in your community and get them talking about some of the issues raised
  • Hold a “How this marriage has had an impact on my life” or a “Why I think this is a great Marriage” essay contest for children (lessons learned, examples set, why they want a marriage like this when they grow up, etc.) Award prizes, get the media involved. Marriages described could be those of their parents, relatives, ancestors or one of local, state or national significance.


  • Have a “Go home to your spouse” evening when you encourage all employees to make time for their families and loved ones
  • Got a product or service specially for couples? This is the week to launch it or publicise it – the press will be alert for marriage related news this week.
  • Divorce lawyers and solicitors – why not declare a moratorium on divorce for just this week “NO divorces filed or granted during Marriage Week UK”. Just schedule some vacation that week if that’s what it takes. Get this idea to the media.
  • Use the week to conduct a specific review of marriage-friendly policies for the workplace. One example could be to give your employees the day off for their wedding anniversary.
  • Find someone to run a marriage enrichment programme for your employees and their spouses in their lunch hour, or after work.

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    Mildred Hunt


    What a beautiful website! Keep up the great work!
    Allan & Mildred (Hunt)
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