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7th-14th February

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Marriage Week 2017 events

Here you can keep up to date with our Marriage Week 2017 events:

Wednesday 1 February, 4pm: Westminster Hall debate on Marriage Week

Monday 6 February, 6:40am: Professor Brad Wilcox talking about cohabitation, marriage and family stability on BBC one Breakfast 

Monday 6 February, 8am: Marriage Foundation’s Founder and Chairman Sir Paul Coleridge talks about Marriage Week on Premier Radio

Monday 6 February, 10:30am: Meeting with professor Brad Wilcox – Publication of “The Cohabitation Go Round:   Cohabitation and Family Instability across the Globe

Monday 6 February: Professor Brad Wilcox gives 3 Top Tips for happy marriages

Wednesday 8 February, 9am: Publication of new Marriage Foundation research “Couples on the brink

Wednesday 8 February, 10:30pm: Sir Paul Coleridge on BBC Two Newsnight