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Starter Ideas 2018

Marriage Week 2018: Starter Ideas to help you think ahead and plan your future together

What are your dreams, hopes and plans for the next five years for:

Your family

Will it increase in size?

Do you want children / more children?

Extended family?

Your marriage

What issues need confronting to improve the quality of your relationship?

Could your ‘good’ marriage be made better by investing extra time with each other?

Maybe a marriage course to learn more about each other?

Your relationship

Are you fully committed to each other?

If so, what about a wedding?

Maybe that honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of?

Your further education and career

What are your plans or hopes for your future career, job or profession?

Consider setting up your own business?

Doing voluntary work?


Do you need to spend more time relaxing?

Do you have creative skills that you want to give more time to?

Is there a new skill you want to learn or a sport you wish to take up?

Your home or housing?

Is it time for a move?  To something bigger – or smaller?

Or time for the new extension or refurbishment?

Or develop your garden, maybe dreaming of a hot tub

Your finances?

What are your shared values surrounding money?  Saving too little or spending too much?

How much do you give to charities, or others in need?

Is there enough for the new car, motor bike, holiday home in an exotic location?

Your holidays?

Draw up your “must see” list for the next five years.

Will you go on this holiday together as a couple or as a family or a larger group?

Or could you promise yourselves an annual weekend away for just the two of you?

What other areas require special thought for your family?  What are your worries or fears?

Do you anticipate any of your nearest and dearest becoming less independent and so requiring medical or other care or support from yourself?

How is this going to be funded?

Do you have other anxieties which can be reduced by taking action or seeking help?


Let us know about your plans made during Marriage Week, we’d love to hear your stories and how you’re Thinking Ahead.  Post your goals using #plan5for5.  We can’t wait to hear from you!