Church and Community Group Resources

Marriage Week is a great time for investing in marriage and the central part it plays in building strong communities.

Churches have long recognised the need to invest in marriages. Both of couples in congregations and those in the wider communities that the local church exists within. Investing in marriages strengthens the individuals, the relationships and the community. It helps prevents potential heart-ache, distress and long term damage for both the adults and children involved.

Choose your level of engagement, download the resources and tell us what you’re planning and how it goes.

Pray and encourage people to join in Marriage Week

Marriage Week Prayer

We have a prayer written for us by Sandra Millar who leads the work on weddings in the Church of England including

You can use this in a service around Marriage Week, 11-17 May, or print it in your church news-sheets or make it available on your website.

God of love, 

Thank you for our marriage;

For shared laughter and tears; 

for strength in our weakness, 

And enough for life each day.

Thank you for the gifts we bring each other, 

And bless us as we grow together in love, 

Through all that life brings through the years.


[Sandra Millar, Head of Life Events, The Church of England]

Marriage Week Resources

Encourage your congregation to join in with Marriage Week activities.

Use the logo to highlight it in your news sheets or on screen. The supplied text is for your convenience, but feel free to edit.

Focus on marriage in one of your services

Talks for your Marriage Week service by Phil Steer

We’ve once again invited Phil Steer, author of As a Child: God’s Call to Littleness to provide a talk for Marriage Week. This time, on ‘The Forever Conversation’ which can be used for your streamed church service during Marriage Week 2020.  This talk is written to include everyone and not just married couples and will encourage us all to think about what a Forever Conversation with God is all about! (You’ll find a standard  length and a shortened version of the talk to suit your service).

Phil’s talk from last year’s campaign, ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’, is also  available for your use.

Phil Steer is married, with three grown-up children. He lives with his wife Ali and daughter in Romford, east London, and works with numbers in the London insurance market. He is the author of As a Child: God’s Call to Littleness – which was serialised by BRF in their prayer and spirituality journal, Quiet Spaces.

Two versions of The Forever Conversation Talk

The longer – 19 min – talk

The shorter – 12 min – talk

Talks for your Marriage Week service By John Clarke

John Clarke is a new contributor to Marriage Week.  He is passionate about the value of marriage and family within the Church and across society.  John has kindly agreed to write a talk for Marriage Week, which reflects these values.  The talk is called ‘Home’ and within it, he explores what that means for the church and families.  Like the titled ‘The Forever Conversation’ talk, provided by Phil, this talk can also be used for a streamed service during Marriage Week.

I’m John Clarke and above all, I’m a follower of Christ. I’m married to Joni and have 3 beautiful daughters, Poppy, Amelie and Elsie. I serve as Senior Pastor of the Hull Vineyard Church. I love all things Yorkshire, sport and food.

Prayer Stations

Used as part of a service, a mid-week activity, and open church or within a prayer room that lasts for as little or as much time as you wish (perhaps for the whole of Marriage Week), our prayer station resources can be used as a whole or pick and choose which stations to offer.  There’s something here for all ages too!

Use Marriage Week to celebrate and invest in marriages and relationships

Downloadable, printable cards and e-cards

Our partner, Worldwide Marriage Encounter, have provided some Marriage Week resources which they’d like to share.  They are as follows:

  1. Selfie celebration card: Print the selfie card, write in the ‘star’ the number of years you’ve been married for, take a selfie of yourselves holding the card up and post on social media using the hashtags #marriageweek #foreverconversation
  2. Marriage Week card ‘virtual card’ for emailing or a printable card for printing and posting:  These cards can be sent to a couple who you’d like to encourage during Marriage Week and to invite them to join in with UK National Marriage Week 2020 and ‘The Forever Conversation’.  We suggest that you direct them to the Marriage Week website to take advantage of all of this year’s resources.


(IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PRINTING: in the print menu, select “Print on both sides of paper” with the option to “Flip on the short edge”)

Prayer Room

Setting aside a space for people to come and focus on Jesus within Marriage Week, regardless of their circumstance, relationship status or age.

Couples Evening

An evening for couples within your community to enjoy a meal together and focus on the Marriage Week ‘ingredients’.  This resource works for any couples who are married or in a relationship.

Wedding Feast

A celebratory ‘Wedding Feast’ buffet meal for everyone in the community to join together as the bride of Christ and reflect on the good of marriage for couples, families, children and society as a whole.

Pick and Mix

You are completely free to pick and mix any of these resources to suit your church needs and capacity to engage with marriage Week.