Emma Waring

Emma Waring is a sex and relationship therapist, cardiac specialist nurse and Christian.
Her pioneering work combining her nursing and therapist role was recognised when she won the Nursing Times Rising Star award in 2004.

Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson is a TV and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, counsellor, life coach and Master NLP practitioner. 

Adaeze Chiwoko

Adaeze is a Marriage & Relationship Coach, Author and BBC Radio Presenter based in Manchester, UK

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Short tips

Be intentional about having sex and plan when this will happen.Talking to your partner is the best way to ensure that you have regular intimacy and that you know what each of you enjoys.Talking about sex can be very difficult. Explain to your partner that you are struggling as this will often help to ease the tension. Agree a time to sit down as a couple and discuss this away from the bedroom.

If you enjoy sexual intimacy you are much more likely to do this regularly. Work out the time and place that suits you best as a couple. Knowing what each of you enjoys will mean you are both more likely to get fully aroused which will make sex more enjoyable and reduce the chances of experiencing difficulties. If the woman is struggling to get aroused then use a vaginal lubricant and consider introducing a vibrator to aid clitoral stimulation.

Sexual difficulties are common. 1 in 10 men experiences erectile dysfunction. 1 in 10 women experiences dyspareunia (painful sex) at some point in their lives. If you are struggling with an aspect of sex then be kind to one another and seek help as a team. Go to your GP first of all to rule out any obvious physical causes and then seek help with a sex therapist if additional support is needed.



About Emma Waring

Emma Waring is a sex and relationship therapist, cardiac specialist nurse and Christian.
Her pioneering work combining her nursing and therapist role was recognised when she won the Nursing Times Rising Star award in 2004.

In 2001 Emma set up the Male Cardiovascular Health Clinic, now an internationally renowned clinic for treating male cardiac patients with erectile dysfunction.
In 2011 she set up a clinic in a private hospital in London, working with individuals and couples experiencing sexual and relationship difficulties.
She regularly speaks to healthcare professionals and in churches on how couples can nurture lasting sexual enjoyment in their relationship, and how to manage common sexual difficulties which are rarely discussed. Emma is the author of Seasons of Sex and Intimacy and writes a column on sex and relationships for Liberti Magazine, a Christian magazine for women.

Emma is in the final stages of completing a training in transactional analysis psychotherapy. She is married to Steve and they have two children.


Short tips

I often remind myself of our marriage vows, ‘for better for worse, for richer for poorer’…it’s important to check in with your relationship foundations regularly, especially when you hit humps in the road….and let’s be totally honest here, relationships do hit testing times….it’s part of the richness and depth that makes up a marriage, and it’s perfectly normal.  It’s always useful to get perspective back in check to remind you why you’re together.


Make sure you give your partner time every week – put all phones and devices in another room, better still, turn them off, and have a conversation face to face where you can share everything that’d been going on for you both over the past days.  Actively listening is a great way to reconnect and demonstrate genuine love, understanding and affection. Physical connection is also really important, it doesn’t always have to be sex, a good hug and kiss, a shoulder massage or stroking ones hair can do wonders for feeling close and in tune with one another



About Anna Williamson

Experienced TV and radio broadcaster, No1 best selling author, counsellor, life coach and Master NLP practitioner. Anna uses this diverse skillset as the dating expert and presenter on Celebs Go Dating (E4) and Save Well, Spend Better (C4). She is also the mental health expert on FYI: For Your Info (Sky news and Sky Kids) and reporter on hard hitting films for Inside Out (BBC One). Anna also co-hosts the extremely successful LuAnna: The Podcast alongside Luisa Zissman, a light hearted podcast where both debate and talk openly about topical issues and voted Top 20 Listeners Choice two years running.

Anna and Luisa have also sold out tickets for their 13 date LuAnna Tour which aims to travel the country throughout 2021.


Short tips

Truth and honesty always sets you free. Being truthful and honest about ourselves and our current situation is usually the hardest truth to face, even though this is where real transformation takes place. It’s really important for individuals within a marriage to stop and ask themselves a few questions such as: 

  1. Is the marriage I have now truly what I want it to be, and if not what needs to improve?

  2. Am I being the best husband or wife that I can be? 

  3. What new habits, behaviours and actions can I work on to keep my marriage thriving and fulfilling? 


You see, getting absolute clarity on the present dynamics of your relationship, where you want your marriage to be as a couple and on your position now will help you to make a decision to improve in areas that could really help to keep your marriage feeling fresh. A successful marriage is about being prepared to look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you are showing up and loving in the best way that you can and playing your part.



About Adaeze Chiwoko

Adaeze is a Marriage & Relationship Coach, Author and BBC Radio Presenter based in Manchester, UK. 

She works with individuals & couples from around the world to help them overcome relationship hurt and create the marriage they have always desired – even after an affair. 

Her journey started as a result of experiencing infidelity in her marriage and using the tools and strategies that she now teaches her clients to create an amazing, flourishing, and happy marriage. She has since built an online community of over 20,000 and has been featured in media outlets such as Mirror, BBC Radio, The Notebook and Premier Christian Radio.

Adaeze believes that successful marriages are created by the understanding and utilisation of a combination spiritual and physical principles. She works closely with her clients in teaching them how to utilise the principles and has witnessed her couples experience radical transformation in their relationships. 

Her book ‘Seven Intimacy Killers’ is available on Amazon.

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