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Reliable Love, Commitment & The Forever Conversation

What everybody forgets about commitment is that you’re not just making one choice. You’re closing the door on all the other choices. Choosing one thing means not being able to choose anything else. That can be a risky step to take. No wonder many of us try to put off commitments for as long as possible. Now think about your relationship. You want reliable love. You want to know there is …

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I said yes to forever!

‘The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.’ – Audrey Hepburn. Let me take you back to Summer 2013…I was 16 years old, and having just moved 300 miles away from where I grew up with my family, I was about to start a new school. I was feeling scared and vulnerable; moving to a new school in a new town so far away is not easy …

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MPs debate marriage week in parliament

Yesterday MPs debated national marriage week, exploring the link between marriage and mental health. The debate covered a number of issues including the importance of marriage for the wellbeing of couples and children, what support should be available for those whose relationships have ended and may be facing mental health issues as a result, and what can be done to enable family relationships provide a healthy environment for all. Fiona …

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Marriage Week UK Launch Event at the House of Lords

To celebrate the arrival of UK National Marriage Week, we held a special event at the House of Lords today.  The beautiful room gave a great sense of occasion as we reflected on the theme for this year, ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’.  We were thrilled that so many of our partners, journalists and supporters were able to attend and there was a tangible buzz of excitement amongst our guests. We heard …

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Almost one in six people have health problems affecting their sex life – So let’s start talking about sex more!

Many of us would agree that we live in a sexualised society. We think nothing of seeing an explicit sex scene on the TV or sexualised images in magazines and in music videos, but we are surprisingly coy when it comes to talking about sex when there are difficulties. Sexual problems are actually very common but as a society we rarely talk about them and if we do, it will …

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Marriage and Mental Health Parliament Debate

We wanted to share with you the encouraging news that Fiona Bruce MP has secured a Westminster Hall debate in the House of Commons next Thursday from 13.30-15.00. The topic of the debate is ‘Marriage and Mental Health’. This debate will provide a space for Members of Parliament to consider both these topics in a way that has not been discussed recently in the House of Commons. we anticipate that …

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Marriage Week on Premier Radio FAQ sessions

Michaela Hyde is taking part in the FAQ sessions around Marriage Week.
We’ve got video…

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What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know)

We thought you might be interested in this book by Harry and Kate Benson. Harry is our research director at Marriage Foundation and one of Britain’s leading campions for marriage. Everyone wants a relationship that lasts. Yet nearly half of all today’s parents split up. Harry and Kate Benson began their own married life with great expectations. But within a few years, they stood on the brink of divorce. Today, …

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Divorce Laws in England and Wales

Divorce laws in England and Wales are to be overhauled so that couples that are wanting to get divorced will be able to split with less acrimony.  Whilst this may sound like bad news, it is the firm belief of Marriage Week that this is, in fact, a good thing. 

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Marriage Week 2020

We’re encouraged that you’re keen, but we need just a little more time to get everything ready.

If you’d like us to let you know when it is then leave us your name and email and we’ll be in touch as soon as it is.