Marriage Week Archive

This is the archive of Marriage Weeks gone by.

Marriage Week 2020:
'The Forever Conversation'

Marriage Week 2019: 'Recipe for a Healthy Marriage.'


…will be a week to focus on thinking ahead and planning your future together – ‘Decide, don’t slide!’ We are encouraging you to set five goals for your relationship for the next five years – #plan5for5. Are there things you’ve been talking about together but never made a decision on?  Maybe you’ve been thinking and hoping for something but haven’t even discussed your idea with your other half.

The latest research makes it abundantly clear that planned/intentional relationships, and especially married relationships, are the gold standard. This is particularly true if children are involved. And those couples who plan ahead seem to be those who are more likely to stay together, so it is a really good exercise and strategy for your life going forward to plan ahead to stay on top.  And it can be great fun dreaming and thinking the unthinkable together!

Marriage Week 2018 is setting you the challenge to plan five goals for your relationship for the next five years.