Marriage Week 2019: 13-19 May

Recipe for a healthy marriage

Marriage Week 2019 is all about the best ‘ingredients’ for a healthy relationship. We want to get people thinking about the recipe for a stable and loving marriage. And we want to get them spending fun time together by cooking. It works on two levels, which we are very pleased about!

Easy things to do…

Explore our collection of recipes and suggestions of positive things you can do to help build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Commit to invest

Our partner organisations
have lots to offer

They are among the most respected and influential in the field. As part of Marriage Week they are offering free tasters of their courses and resources to help couples explore and strengthen their marriage.

Links to supportive organisations

Lots of options

Whether it is just some tips or some serious intervention

Support and intervention are available from these organisations. Marriage is worth preserving.

Research: Divorce Risk back to 1960's

New research published by the Marriage Foundation shows that people marrying today have the same risk of divorce as those marrying in 1969.

This is both good news for those getting married today but also highlights the need to invest in our relationships for the sake of each other, our families and friends and the wider community and society.

You don’t need Marriage Week as an excuse, but since it is then why not put some time aside for our most important relationships this week.