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Let’s talk… family

Traditions are powerful. Talk to an adult about some happy memories they have of their childhood and teenage years and ask them what made them special. I’m sure that before long they’ll smile and say, “We always…” Usually these memories are not filled with what was bought or how much money was spent but activities like board game marathons, special holidays, or trips to the beach. Happy memories like these …

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Let’s talk … Conflict

Conflict and resolution sound pretty tricky – like trying to bring together warring nations. These problems at international level can seem insoluble and complex, with little prospect for lasting peace. In our own relationships it sometimes seems so difficult to get out of a storm into calmer waters, but there are ways through. Do any of these sound familiar? ‘We go around the same issues time and time again, and …

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Let’s Talk… Sex & Intimacy

The Art of Good Communication The most important attribute of a good sexual relationship is effective communication. Effective communication is important in all our relationships and particularly with our partners. We want to be known and understood just as we are, warts and all, because this enables us to experience deep emotional intimacy and connection. But this is often hard, especially if we have difficult things to say. If we …

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Let’s Talk… Work

One of the most important conversations couples need to have is around work and personal career ambitions.   Life throws different seasons and challenges at us – Covid-19 lockdown being perhaps one of the more extreme examples!  Challenging times like these however, offer a golden opportunity to develop the strong bonds that only come from surviving difficulty together – if we do them well. Being able to talk about the things …

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Let’s Talk… Fun

We think Fun is a Love Language and it’s definitely one of ours.  We LOVE to have fun and as we get older, we find ourselves pursuing it more. Fun is a way in which we re-energise and re-create our marriages together.  It reminds us of that heady sense of first falling in love with each other.  We become ‘partners in crime’ or ‘best of friends’ depending on whether we …

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Let’s Talk… engaged

If you’re an engaged couple, what sort of things could you be doing to get ready for marriage? “Engaged” – it’s a strange word in some ways.  For many people they have seen the word most often used with regard to public toilets.  Many hours of our lives have been spent waiting for the “vacant” sign to light up! Of course, the word engaged is also used in terms of …

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Let’s talk… Friendship

A quarter of students who have attended an Explore session in their school, tell us that they believe friendship is important in a lasting relationship. But why is it important? Many romantic relationships start from a place of physical attraction but it is the friendship built within a relationship that is most likely to create deeper, longer lasting love and commitment. When that early flurry of euphoria passes and adrenaline, …

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Let’s Talk… Marriage

Marriage is all too often viewed as the end goal of a relationship, the final stage which you cannot progress beyond. This is unhelpful both for those who are married and for those considering marriage. In reality, marriage is perhaps more helpfully viewed as an ongoing journey – something which we continue to work at long after our engagement and our wedding day. Ask yourself these 4 questions to see …

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Let’s talk… Finances

Here’s a question: would you rather talk about death, religion, politics or your finances? According to research by Relate over a quarter of UK adults (26%) report that money worries are the biggest external strain on relationships. So no wonder many of us avoid talking about the subject altogether. Whether you’re struggling or doing well there are many reasons why it’s really important to talk about finances as a couple. …

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Let’s Talk… Parenting

Type the words ‘baby, marriage, stress’ into Google and you will find an almost unlimited wealth of information and statistics around why starting a family may be the beginning of the end of your relationship.  In fact, research carried out a number of years ago by the Wall Street Journal was even entitled, ‘Here Comes the Baby, There Goes the Marriage’.* I’m sure that those of us who are parents …

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Let’s Talk… Mental Health

Building a Culture of Intimacy When I got married (two and half years ago) I had my assumptions of what it would look and feel like, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. Every marriage is just as different as the people in it. Matt and I had been dating for 5 years before we said, “I do” and in this time of dating we discovered that one of …

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Let’s Talk… Communication

You’ve probably heard it said that good communication is the key to a happy relationship. And yes, that is true to some extent. It is good to listen without interrupting and also to express yourself well if you’re trying to help your partner understand what you’re feeling or thinking. And it helps to regularly make time to share what is going on with each of you beyond the shopping list, …

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