Recipe for a healthy marriage

Marriage Week 2019’s focus is all about having the right ‘ingredients’ for n your marriage. This year, we thought it would be fun for couples to follow a simple recipe and then share the meal they’ve prepared whilst using this time to invest and reflect on the healthiness of their marriage.

Now whether you’re someone who is a complete foodie or you’re at the other end of the scale and food is simply a functional necessity for you, we can all agree that the correct ingredients are key to the success of a recipe. Whether you cook or not, you’ll be sure to know that a chilli con carne without the chilli would need a new name and the classic favourite beans on toast without the beans is, well – just toast!

Likewise, in a marriage there are basic ingredients – the essentials – that every marriage needs to function healthily, such as communication, commitment, intimacy, investment of time, kindness, patience, forgiveness and fun, too. As you read this list, you’ll know which ones you do well and those that are not quite at the levels you’d like them to be. There may be some that you’d not thought about before.

During Marriage Week 2019 (13th– 19th May), we want to encourage you to have fun sharing a favourite recipe together, celebrating the ‘ingredients’ of your marriage that are working well and helping to create the beautiful flavour that is your own personal experience of marriage and to use the time to reflect on those ingredients that are either scarce or maybe even absent.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you and so in early spring of 2019, we will have a recipe page where you can download a recipe (or use your own of course) along with a ‘Healthy Marriage’ recipe that will help you look at the ingredients of your marriage during the week. We’d also love you to let everyone know that you’re joining in with the campaign by sharing pictures and posts of yourselves and your food on social media using the hashtag #lovefood

To keep up to date with all the plans, please follow us on social media and we will, of course, be adding more information and resources to the website as we approach Marriage Week 2019.