Marriage and Mental Health Parliament Debate

We wanted to share with you the encouraging news that Fiona Bruce MP has secured a Westminster Hall debate in the House of Commons next Thursday from 13.30-15.00. The topic of the debate is ‘Marriage and Mental Health’.

This debate will provide a space for Members of Parliament to consider both these topics in a way that has not been discussed recently in the House of Commons. we anticipate that the debate will cover the importance for the wellbeing of couples and children of healthy marriages, what support should be available for those whose relationships have ended and may be facing mental health issues as a result, and what can be done to enable family relationships provide a healthy environment for all and avoid breakdown wherever possible.

For those who work in public policy, you may want to engage with MPs and encourage them to speak in the debate. You will be able to watch the debate and clip sections for social media at the Parliament TV website. We trust it will be encouraging for all to know that marriage is being discussed by our political leaders.

We hope that this debate provides an opportunity for the Government to be encouraged to support and champion marriage in the UK.

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