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Our marriage preparation day, Preparing Together, is a one-day workshop for groups of up to 12 couples who are planning to get married in the Roman Catholic Church. It is normally held on Saturdays (or over a series of evenings), organised by our local centres across England and Wales.
Enjoyable, revealing and rewarding, you’ll be encouraged to consider things you may not even be aware you need to think about. All in a safe, supportive environment, where no one is forced to share anything they are uncomfortable with.
During the day, you will learn how your relationship grows when you deal with important issues in a constructive and loving way. We cover a lot of ground, including:
• the importance of talking and listening
• how to negotiate and solve problems
• what you expect from your relationship
• the way your family and childhood influence how you interact with each other
• the sacrament and spirituality of marriage.
All to help you cultivate a fulfilling life-long relationship.
The day is led by facilitators selected and trained by Marriage Care to the highest standards. They have a wealth of experience in working with couples and receive regular ongoing training and support.
• “You don’t know you need it until you have attended!”
• “Incredibly useful. I will take a lot from this day into our future life together.”
• “Made me think more deeply about our relationship, the commitment we are making, how we can cope with issues that might test our relationship and how getting married in a Catholic church will make our special day even more special.”
• “It gave me an insight into how I deal with conflict and I learned that I can change how I react.”

©Catholic Marriage Care Ltd 2019. This material is provided as a sample of our Preparing Together course. The actual content of Preparing Together may change from time to time. This material is supplied as a sample and is not meant as a substitute for the course itself. You are not allowed to copy, share or distribute this material without permission.

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