Maze the Magazine Offer

Have you ever set an evening aside with your partner to “connect” only to find you are either stuck in a Verbal Vacuum or you talk about the stresses and strains of everyday life?

This book is in fact a MAGAZINE (in the Military sense of the word) as it is a “storehouse” of “ammunition” to get you talking!

It is an A4 interactive 140 page paperback workbook packed full of glossy images, inspiring messages, personal stories, humorous cartoons, thought provoking meditations and challenging missions. An A to Z of topics, two for each letter of the alphabet, gives enough material for one topic each week, for a whole year!

All you need to do is plan and book out a 30 to 60 minute time together over coffee, pick a letter and ……. Talk!

Thanks to John and Sue Roseblade for this amazing offer. Check out their website.

Free box of 16 books for first 50 interested Churches

The books are free, we are just asking for £10 to cover the postage.

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Maze Magazine Offer