Naked Wedding

‘Naked Marriage’ is the ‘Naked Wedding’

The cost of a wedding should not be a barrier to marriage.

Welcome to our campaign for ‘Naked Weddings’ in the UK!

Since you’ve arrived on this page, we’re guessing that you’re curious to know more about an alternative wedding.  A wedding that is still a beautiful celebration but one that doesn’t cost you all of your life savings or worse still, leave you with a huge debt as you begin married life!

You may have arrived here today because you’d always thought that a ‘proper’ wedding with a ‘proper’ celebration has to cost you thousands of pounds and there’s no alternative and today, our campaign for change, has given you a little bit of hope that this may not be the case! 

Over the last 30 years, there has been an increase in the trend for expensive and lavish weddings and the pressure to offer the greatest party of the year to your guests is tangible.  This ‘expectation’ has been exacerbated by the coverage of ‘celebrity weddings’, showcased online and in magazines.  And of course, when you search online for wedding venues, or look into the cost of flowers, cakes, dresses, videographers etc., the pounds do start to add up at an alarming rate.


We’re here to tell you that your wedding day, arguably one of the most significant days of your life, really can be the day that you want it to be.  It doesn’t have to be dictated by social pressures or sometimes, the pressures from family members who despite telling you, ‘it’s your day’ really have an agenda for what your day should look like!

During 2020, many engaged couples, have discovered the beauty and intimacy of a small wedding – lockdown style!  These couples have unwittingly birthed a new era of weddings!  They have demonstrated that weddings don’t have to be huge expensive occasions and that being married is the most important part of the wedding day! 


So, if you’re in a serious relationship but cost has been a barrier to you to get married, or you couldn’t face the family politics and stress of a big do, these things no longer have to stop you.


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