Apple Strudel, Shoe Horns & Pressing the Reset Button

The M Word
Apple Strudel, Shoe Horns & Pressing the Reset Button

Hot-footing it back from Austria following the International Marriage Conference, today we talk about our trip to Vienna, who we met, what we did, vanilla sauce or no vanilla sauce and why healthy marriage and relationships is an international affair!  Being finishers, post UK Marriage Week, we continue our reflections on the next of the relationship ingredients that formed part of the ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’ campaign as we take a look at why forgiveness is important to us.


The M Word is presented by Michaela and Nick Hyde. They talk openly and honestly about the highs and the lows of marriage and relationships, including theirs. This podcast is for you whether you think marriage is a good idea or if you don’t, either way it is for everyone who thinks that making a relationship work and last, like most things in life, is worth the effort.

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