Comedy, Cocktails and Karmasutra Curry – UK National Marriage Week 2019

The M Word
The M Word
Comedy, Cocktails and Karmasutra Curry – UK National Marriage Week 2019

UK National Marriage Week is the 13th – 19th May and in this episode, we’ll be talking about why this is good for marriages and relationships with an exclusive interview with the coordinator (we think you might just know who it is)!  We’ll also be finding out what a Karmasutra Curry has to do with the campaign, but here’s a bit of a clue: the focus of the week is all about having the right ingredients in your marriage or relationship.  Do you know what these ingredients might be and why have a campaign like this anyway?  All in today’s The M word podcast!


The M Word is presented by Michaela and Nick Hyde. They talk openly and honestly about the highs and the lows of marriage and relationships, including theirs. This podcast is for you whether you think marriage is a good idea or if you don’t, either way it is for everyone who thinks that making a relationship work and last, like most things in life, is worth the effort.

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