The Strictly Come Dancing Episode!

The M Word
The M Word
The Strictly Come Dancing Episode!

Don’t panic, if you’re not a fan of Strictly, this isn’t actually an episode dedicated to the show!  It is however about hobbies, interests and how important is it for a couple to share them together.  Following our own personal experience of sharing an interest that just one of us has (this is the dancing bit!), we discuss our views on the topic and talk about whether there is truth in the saying, ‘opposites attract’.  If so, what does it means for couples who are very similar?  We’ll also be dipping into a listener’s email – yes, we’ve had an email about the show!


The M Word is presented by Michaela and Nick Hyde. They talk openly and honestly about the highs and the lows of marriage and relationships, including theirs. This podcast is for you whether you think marriage is a good idea or if you don’t, either way it is for everyone who thinks that making a relationship work and last, like most things in life, is worth the effort.

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