Some of the research into why marriage works on many levels

Marriage Week is run in the UK by Marriage Foundation, which tackles the problem of family breakdown by championing stable relationships. Marriage Foundation carries out research to assess the impact and importance of marriage and breakdown, as well as trends in marriage and relationship breakdown. Below is a taste of that research, although a more comprehensive archive can be found here.

  • The UK has the highest proportion of children living in lone parent households of all the countries in Western Europe. Read the research here.
  • Children whose parents have separated are significantly more likely to have mental health issues. Read the research here.
  • If current trends remain as they are, any child born today in the UK has more than a one in three chance of not living with both birth parents by the age of 15. Read the research here.
  • Nearly all parents (90 per cent) who stay together until their children reach 15 are married. Read the research here.
  • Only nine per cent of couple who break up have a high conflict relationship – ie, arguing a lot – a year prior to splitting. Sixty per cent of couples are both happy and not quarrelling a year prior to splitting. Read the research here.
  • Unmarried parents account for one fifth of couples but half of all family breakdown. Read the research here.