Ep 34 – A time of Reflection

In this episode, we talk about get togethers in gardens, the marriage petition, Hairspray and our time of reflection during lockdown about the M Word podcast…change is in the air!

Ep 33 – Using the Facilities

Ep 33 – Today, we reflect on Marriage Week 2020, discussing podcasts, interviews, social media, spirituality, dancing, hair straighteners, the best chair, beatboxing and using the facilities!  It’s certainly a mixed bag and therefore, something for everyone!

Ep 32 – The Forever Conversation 2020

Today is the first day of UK National Marriage Week and this year, couples (married or not) are invited to join in, to celebrate their relationship and have that all important ‘Forever Conversation’.  Since I’m coordinator (Michaela) of this campaign, this episode is a ‘Marriage Week Special’.  We delve into the campaign, find our what […]

Ep 31 – Keep on Keeping on

Today’s episode is a shorter episode compared with the usual, since we are breaking with tradition and will be returning again next Monday (rather than the normal fortnight) for a special UK Marriage Week special!  So, in ‘Keep on Keeping on’, 6 weeks on from lockdown, we talk about the ways in which we are […]

Ep 30 – Intimacy & Connection in a time of lockdown

Ep 30 – Following the news of a further 3 weeks of lockdown, we talk about how we’ve been getting on, we talk Easter egg hunts, coffee grinders and the UK National Marriage Week.  This week, Marriage Week is focussing on connection so we thought we’d look specifically at Psychosexual Nurse Therapist – Emma Warring’s […]

Ep 29: The Forever Conversation, commitment, challenge and toad-in-the-hole!

Episode 29: Today, we talk about the first toad-in-the-hole that Nick has ever cooked! This is all thanks to the lockdown of course!  We also talk about the UK National Marriage Week – a campaign that is for all couples (married or not) and the 2020 theme, The Forever Conversation.  This year, the campaign has […]

Staying close in a time of Social distancing

Episode 28: Our world has changed in ways that we could never had imagined.  We are in uncharted waters as a nation which is having a huge impact on every aspect of our lives, including our relationships.  Like everyone, we are feeling slightly dazed by all that’s gone on and so that’s why today, we […]

50 years of marriage – the truth Part 2

Episode 27: We are privileged to bring you Part 2 of The M Word interview with Neil & Trish.  Last time, they spoke to Michaela about the challenges and the excitement of the early years of marriage.  In this episode we hear the next instalment of the story of their 50 years of marriage and […]

50 years of marriage – the truth Part 1

Episode 26: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be with the same person for 50 years? Today’s episode is part one of Michaela’s interview with Neil & Trish (her parents) who’ve just celebrated an impressive 50 years together. Theirs is a compelling story of the realties of a lifetime together, the good times […]

Valentine’s Day – Love it or hate it?

The most romantic day of the year apparently but for some, one of the most profitable days of the year!  Yes, today, we talk about whether Valentine’s day should be celebrated or not  & what to do if it’s important to one of you but not the other.  We’ll also look at a little of […]