Some starter ideas to help you think ahead and plan your future together

We have come up with 5 categories that could help you to think ahead: Marriage and Family, Finances, Work, Home and Fun.

Why not sit down together and discuss your hopes, plans and dreams using some of the questions below!

Marriage and Family

What issues need confronting to improve the quality of your relationship? Are you really fully committed to each other? If so, could getting married be the next step in your relationship?

Could your ‘good’ marriage be made better by investing extra time with each other? Have you thought of doing a marriage course together to learn more about each other?

Are you planning a family? Do you want children/more children?

Are you keeping relationships with your extended family in good repair?

If you’re not yet married what sort of wedding (and honeymoon) are you thinking of? What are your hopes, plans and dreams for the next five/fifty years?


What are your shared values surrounding money?

Do you keep your finances in a joint bank account? Have you discussed the pros or cons of doing so?

Are you saving too little/spending too much?

Do you give to charities, or others in need? If not, it may be something you would like to consider?

What do you do if there isn’t enough for the new car or next holiday?


Is your current home ‘Yours’ (ie, a join project at the heart of your life together)? If you are renting your house – are you both happy?

Is your current home right for you? Is it time for a move, maybe to something bigger – or smaller?

If possible, is it time to consider an extension or refurbishment of your existing house? What about a new kitchen or bathroom?

Is your home as much as an open and welcoming place for visitors and guests as you would like it to be?

Have you given any thought to what might happen if one of you becomes less independent and needs medical or other care or support from the other?


Have you got the right work-life balance?

What are your plans or hopes for your future career, job or profession?

Are you ready for the change in work patterns that occur when you have children?

Have you considered doing some voluntary work in your time off?

Do you have other work anxieties which can be reduced by taking action or seeking help?


Think about the things you like to do together: how often do you actually get to do them?

Do you have creative skills that you want to give more time to? Is there a new skill you want to learn or a sport you wish to take up?

Will you go on a dream holiday together as a couple or as a family or a larger group?

Do you plan time together as a couple? Maybe a regular date night of an annual weekend away for just the two of you?

Do you need to spend more time relaxing?


We’d love to hear your stories and ideas about how you’re Thinking Ahead.  Share your goals and plans using #marriageweek.  We can’t wait to hear from you!