Essential Marriage

‘Naked Marriage’ is the ‘Essential Marriage’

Focussing on the essential elements of your relationship.

We hope that if you’ve got this far, you and your partner have accepted the invitation on the Marriage Week homepage to join in with ‘Naked Marriage’!

Here's what you can do:


Pick a time a time in the week to have a date whether that be daytime or evening or both if you have time!


Decide what you’d like to do on your date.  You could share a meal together, go on a picnic, have coffee and cake, play games or whatever takes your fancy.  For more ideas, take a look at the Marriage Week date ideas.  


Spend time thinking and talking about your relationship with the following reflections:

  1. Celebrate the good things in your marriage and the things that you are grateful for, both in your relationship and in each other. 
  2. Across the UK, the lockdown has brought to the surface what really matters to us in our relationships and these things are what we are referring to as the essential elements.  What essential elements have been revealed to you as a couple that have enabled you to navigate the challenges you’ve experienced during the pandemic?  Use the ‘Uncovered’ series as a prompt.
  3. What are you finding difficult in your relationship?  What essential elements have been brought to the surface that have been tough to manage?  Use the ‘Uncovered’ series to help you reflect on these areas and consider what you can do to improve.
  4. Consider committing to a marriage course to strengthen your marriage.  Don’t forget, marriage courses and resources are for strong marriages and for those struggling.  It’s always important to think of ways to keep looking after your relationship so that it remains a priority.  Take a look at our Partners’ page for information about courses or take a look at the advice given by our ambassadors.


Have a great week together and keep investing in your marriage beyond Marriage Week!