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‘The Forever Conversation’

In a relationship for 2 or more years

If you’re in a relationship and have been so for around 2 years or more, The Forever conversation is a conversation which takes stock of where you’re at and what the future looks like for you as a couple.

Until now, you may not have thought about the long-term future with the person you’re in a relationship with or perhaps you’ve always brushed the possibility of the future aside since everything seems fine so why rock the boat?

However, after two to three years of serious dating, by talking openly and honestly with our partner, it is very possible to make some decisions about the future.

What’s the big fuss you might ask?  Well, having a ‘Forever Conversation’ could result in some exciting plans about your forever which will remove ambiguity and bring security like you’ve never known before and without the ‘Forever Conversation’, there’s a risk that you could continue for more years to come in an unpromising relationship that has no future.

We’ve come up with some questions for you and your partner to consider and to help you with your ‘Forever Conversation’.


How much time do we set aside for one another each week?


Are we open and honest with each other about things that we are finding difficult either personally or within our relationship?


How do we show our love to each other?


Do we handle and resolve disagreements well?


Do we make more effort or less effort to be kind than we used to?


How often do we put our partner before ourselves?


What are our short-term and long-term goals for our relationship, where do we see ourselves in 5 years?


Is this a relationship that could last forever?


When would we be ready to make a forever commitment?


Do we want to be married in the future?

We hope that these questions have inspired you to think about your relationship aspirations and to have ‘The Forever Conversation’. Check out the rest of the site for more relationship tips, ideas and resources for Marriage Week 2020.

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 If you're single or just started dating…

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The Forever Conversation is a conversation about what to do to make your relationship last a lifetime.
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