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‘The Forever Conversation’

Single or just started dating

If you’re single or just started dating but you know that a ‘forever’ relationship is something you aspire to in your life, we’ve got some relationship questions that could make all the difference to your ‘forever’.

Aspiring to a forever relationship means that you need to ask yourself whether the person you’re dating has the potential to be your forever relationship. Or is he or she marriageable?

This doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely marry this person, but it enables you to decide if you want to pursue a relationship with them.  So, the key is working out if they are marriageable.  We’ve come up with ten questions for you to consider and to explore further:


Are they willing to make sacrifices for you?


Are they kind to you and to other people?


Do they hold short accounts or are they likely to hold grudges?


Are they a good friend, good fun and do you laugh together?


Do they listen to you in order to understand you more (not just waiting for their turn to speak!)?


Do they talk honestly and openly with you?


Are they willing to admit that they are wrong?


Do they take an interest in your work, family and life in general?


Are they willing to commit to short-term decisions?


Are they aspirational about the future?

We hope that these questions have inspired you to think about your relationship aspirations and your ‘forever’.  Check out the rest of the site for more relationship tips, ideas and resources for Marriage Week 2020.

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If you're in a relationship…

If you're in a relationship…

and have been so for around 2 years or more, The Forever conversation is a conversation which takes stock of where you're at and what the future looks like for you as a couple.
Move forward together

If you're married or in a Civil Partnership…

If you're married or in a Civil Partnership…

The Forever Conversation is a conversation about what to do to make your relationship last a lifetime.
A lifetime together