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‘The Forever Conversation’

Married or in a Civil Partnership

If you’re married, The Forever Conversation is a conversation about what to do to make your relationship last a lifetime.

The Forever Conversation is all about commitment and commitment isn’t simply the promises we made on our wedding day or at our civil ceremony. Whilst these promises are hugely important, they are in fact continuous and so commitment is a verb which is ongoing. It needs to be reflected in our everyday lives, in how we love each other, how we behave, what we do to support each other, even when we are feeling cross or irritated with each other!

So, we’ve come up with some questions to help you with your thoughts around how you will make your marriage or civil partnership last forever!


How much time do we set aside for one another each week?


Are we open and honest with each other about things that we are finding difficult either personally or within our relationship?


How do we show our love to each other within the daily rhythms of life and routines?


Do we handle and resolve disagreements well?


What does intimacy mean for us?


Do we make more effort or less effort to be kind than we used to?


How often do we put our partner before ourselves?


How has our relationship changed over the years?


In what ways has our relationship grown and in what ways could it improve?


Why is commitment important to us?

We hope that these questions have inspired you to really celebrate your marriage during Marriage Week 2020 and to think about what else you can be doing to make sure that your marriage lasts forever. Check out the rest of the site for more relationship tips, ideas and resources for Marriage Week 2020.

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 If you're single or just started dating…

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If you're in a relationship…

If you're in a relationship…

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