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Over the last 20+ years, working with countless couples, we’ve observed that ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, yet fundamental, habits.

On the flip side, every failing relationship we’ve ever seen, lacks one or more of them.

And it’s not rocket science…

You see, all relationships go over a similar set of hurdles… often triggered by different life events like setting up house together, or having a first child… or even in a work context senior promotions that demand more time away from home.

The hurdles show up often as a result of Unmet Expectations, Poor Conflict resolution skills, Trust and Respect Issues, and Poor Communication.

Outside of abusive relationships, success comes from being equipped with the skills to get over the hurdles smoothly, because stumbling on hurdle after hurdle leads to frustrations… and by feeling stuck with no way forward, people end up going their separate ways.

The great news is that anyone can learn to master these 4 fundamental habits:
• Habit #1 – Be CURIOUS, not critical in dealing with differences.
• Habit #2 – BE CAREFUL, not crushing in conflict situations.
• Habit #3 – ASK, don’t assume to help create an environment of Trust & Respect.
• Habit #4 – CONNECT, before you correct – to build the level of warmth in your key relationships.

And it’s not about being perfect on day one, but it is about being intentional in developing the habits.

Choose between learning online or joining one of our live 1-day workshops but get started today to begin your journey to mastering the 4 habits. Habits that will transform all your relationships for the better, forever.

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