Marriage and relationship courses and resources are a fantastic way of showing your commitment to each other. At Marriage Week, we know how important it is to regularly invest in your relationship and that looking for help to make a good relationship even better is common sense. In other areas of our lives, we don’t expect to just know how to get better at something without doing some specific learning along the way, whether that’s going on a course for work, joining a club to improve a sport or hobby or getting resources and going on courses for better parenting! It’s no different with our marriages and relationships.

To show our commitment to you, we’ve asked our partners to provide you access to some free course material so that you can start investing in your relationship today!

Take a look at the choices below to find the right course material for you and once you’ve completed it, please let us know how you’ve got on.

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Over the last 20+ years, working with countless couples, we’ve observed that ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, y…
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Toucan is an online relationship series, that empowers any couple to build a happier, healthier life together. Connect with y…

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