Dealing with Differences & Triggers – continued!

Following on from our introduction two weeks ago, today we get stuck into the theme of ‘Dealing with Differences & Triggers’.  From the best to the most difficult relationship – no two people can always agree on absolutely everything – so how do we manage our differences and what can we do to minimise triggers? […]

Infidelity – why can it happen when we don’t think it’s right?

Following Michaela’s interviews on several BBC Regional Radio stations, we thought we’d reflect on the tricky subject of infidelity and the findings of a morality survey conducted by the BBC which found that 3 in 5 adults (60%) who say they have been unfaithful to their partner also say it’s never acceptable to cheat.  So […]

‘Happily Ever After’ – Part 2

Last time, we looked at this fairy tale phrase ‘Happily Ever After’ to understand what comes to mind when we think about the word marriage and if it is a Disney-like experience.  Today we delve into the specifics of happiness in the ‘happily ever after’ of real life.  Is constant happiness actually possible, can we […]

The Strictly Come Dancing Episode!

Don’t panic, if you’re not a fan of Strictly, this isn’t actually an episode dedicated to the show!  It is however about hobbies, interests and how important is it for a couple to share them together.  Following our own personal experience of sharing an interest that just one of us has (this is the dancing […]

‘Is Marriage outdated?’

Since our last podcast, there’s been quite a lot of media attention given to ‘marriage’ following some new statistics and research that has been released.  So much so, that Michaela’s had two radio interviews and she was invited to join a debating panel on BBC Ones’ show, BBC Sunday Morning Live!  There’s never enough time […]

Anniversaries -Should we celebrate milestones?

Are anniversaries and milestones in a relationship really that important?  If you’re still together and nothing has really changed, is there any point? Isn’t it just another marketing ploy of big card manufacturers, making us feel guilty if we don’t even buy a card to celebration our love?!  Or is the previous statement, simply the […]

Is friendship an important ingredient?

Is friendship an important ingredient in a healthy marriage or relationship? Can you be married to your best friend or is that just a bit cheesy and the sort of thing found in twee birthday cards?! Join us as we explore further the value of friendship in marriage.

Kindness isn’t Weakness

Is being kind to your partner important to you or do you feel as though kindness is a sign of your weakness? Can kindness make a difference in your relationship? We consider these questions and reflect on how kind we are in our own marriage.