Finding a way back

Claire I had reached the end of myself and, what I thought, was the end of our marriage. Steve and I had met in our church youth group, fallen in love towards the end of our teens and got married at the end of my second year of university. Just before then, Steve had landed […]

Uncovered… Communication

In our work with couples Marriage Care is acutely aware of the value of good communication in relationships. Whether it be in enjoying and nurturing a relationship that is in its element, or in aiding broken relationships that need rebuilding and healing, we know that good communication is essential.   The support Marriage Care offers couples […]

Uncovered… Work

Somebody far wiser than me, I think it was Rob Parsons, said that life is like juggling a set of balls; there’s a ball called ‘family’, one called ‘health’, one called ‘marriage’, one is ‘faith’ and, I think, one might be called ‘self-esteem’. There is definitely one called ‘work’. This wiser person says that, as we go along, we discover that most of these balls are made […]

Uncovered… Fun

There’s never been a more important time to have fun.  But when I was asked if I would like to write about fun for Marriage Week 2021’s Naked Marriage campaign, I wondered if I could have been set a more challenging task in the middle of the third lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic.  Having fun with your spouse […]

Uncovered… Money

Money can cause a lot of stress in a relationship; one of you might enjoy spending spontaneously on whatever you fancy, happy to use cards to pay for things; whereas the other might prefer to be more cautious, saving every penny.   It’s likely that a couple’s different approaches will cause friction and arguments at some […]

Uncovered… Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a daily choice Our own story shows how vital forgiveness is in the crisis moments of our relationships. Steve When Claire walked away from our marriage with another man, I made the choice early on to fight for her. But that meant each day I had to come face to face with the […]

Prepare and Enrich Taster Menu

Marriages need regular investment to keep them fresh. Don’t let yourselves get in a rut – explore new ways of connecting! Over time, we all change and encounter new situations like relocation, bereavement, a growing family, new opportunities…… Keeping our relationships in good condition requires commitment to working issues through. Proven to improve relationship satisfaction, […]

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Time for Marriage Taster Menu

We run Time for Marriage weekends throughout the year in different locations, and we can also come to your local church, college or organisation. We have carefully chosen venues which will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable, and our trained couples will welcome you and share biblically based teaching, along with their own experiences, […]

Family Life UK Taster Menu

FamilyLife helps to transform relationships through providing hope and practical tools. Our events and resources are suitable for those who are married, preparing for marriage, remarried or in a long term relationship… struggling or solid. Everything we do is designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and give hope to those of all faiths and none. […]