Sustainable Weddings: Planning on a Budget

Your wedding day is special to you and your partner no matter how big or small the budget, so of course you are going to want it to reflect your values. Many couples are considering their environmental impact when planning their wedding. Guides for Brides look at how you can plan a wedding that is […]

Actress & Influencer, Khafi, launches Premier Gospel’s new ‘Naked Love Podcast’ with Theo Manderson

This blog was originally written for Premier Radio’s website and has been reproduced here for the Marriage Week 2021 campaign.  The author of this blog is Akosua DF, a Premier Gospel Presenter. National Marriage Week is coming up and Premier Gospel coincidentally has a brand-new relationship podcast launching that same week, Monday 10th May. Presented by […]

How ‘naked weddings’ could help reduce the ‘marriage gap’

According to our new survey of 2,000 young adults for Marriage Week 10-16 May 2021, nearly one in three 18-30s say they would be more likely to marry if costs weren’t so high. This affects the poorest most. The time is now for our campaign for cheaper stripped-back ‘naked’ weddings. According to something call Hitched, […]

When will the government back young adults’ aspiration to marry?

For at least two decades, I have been a strong advocate for marriage, not out of some sense of loyalty to outdated traditions, but because the psychology of marriage and the evidence about the effects of marriage go so strongly with the grain of human nature. Study after study suggests that marriage works more than […]

“You Got a Friend in Me”

“Will you be my husband…I mean WIFE” I asked my then-fiancé, Manning, foolishly on November 6th, 2019. Accidentally calling my girlfriend a man wasn’t the best start to our marriage journey, however maybe it was indicative of things to come. The unpredictability of the next year was certainly far more extreme than most first years […]

Parenting in a Pandemic

Like many parents, I never intended to home school my children. Like many couples, my husband and I don’t normally spend Every. Single. Day. Together. But this is what lockdown meant for so many families, including ours. Here are some essential elements that kept us thriving (*mostly*): Outdoors The weather in the first lockdown was […]

The Wedding is just one day but Marriage is for a Lifetime

A year ago I wrote a blog for marriage week 2020 looking forward to my wedding, with lots of uncertainty about when it would be allowed and what it would look like. So, where are we now? Well our original date passed us by, and then after what felt like months of no news, the […]

The Sikh Naked Wedding

Growing up and going to many Punjabi weddings from a young age, I always had the kind of wedding in mind that I wanted, when the time came, of course! For me, it consisted of all the cultural and superficial things that I had been exposed to, which I classed as being everyday life and […]

Locked Down in a Wedding Gown

The pandemic has forced so many new and unusual terms into our vocabulary – the dictionary business must be booming! “Lockdown wedding” is one that has become all too familiar in the last 12 months, and on the surface it conjures up the image of a humourless and dreary affair behind giant iron bars – […]

The Sikh Anand Karaj (ceremony of bliss): a spiritual union during the pandemic

Pandemic: As the country reminisces the official month and day lockdown started last year, it brought back memories of not just a turbulent and uncertain time myself and my husband went through last year, but of thanks and gratitude to the divine. 23rd March, when: most of my wedding cards were left undelivered as the […]