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Uncovered… Sex

“Are We Normal?” As a sex and relationship therapist I regularly get asked -what is normal, is this normal, am I normal? In sexual medicine,

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Uncovered… Annoying habits

If you’re anything like us, our partner’s annoying habits have started to grate after a year at home in each other’s space!  From coffee cups left lying around and talking too loudly

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Uncovered… Love

What is love anyway? We have been watching the most recent series of The Crown (yes, I know we’re late to the party!).  It’s portrayal

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Uncovered… Work

Somebody far wiser than me, I think it was Rob Parsons, said that life is like juggling a set of balls; there’s a ball called ‘family’, one called ‘health’,

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Uncovered… Fun

There’s never been a more important time to have fun.  But when I was asked if I would like to write about fun for Marriage Week 2021’s

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Uncovered… Money

Money can cause a lot of stress in a relationship; one of you might enjoy spending spontaneously on whatever you fancy, happy to use cards

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Uncovered… Conflict

Some of the things you may have spotted over the last year as governments have grappled with the issues brought on by the pandemic are

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Uncovered… Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a daily choice Our own story shows how vital forgiveness is in the crisis moments of our relationships. Steve When Claire walked away

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Uncovered… Kindness

After nearly 35 years of marriage, I’ve finally realised I’m a slow learner. Kate’s been telling me for years what she needed from me as

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